Eating healthy? We're with you! The Burrito Beach Nutrition Calculator can help you get there. With a little knowledge and planning, our fresh food can be a part of your healthy daily menu. We understand nutritious eating includes making wise decisions based on available options. Let's be real: choosing nachos with double cheese and extra sour cream isn't the same as opting for a grilled chicken bowl with salsa instead of salad dressing. So take a look at our menu and determine what's right for you.

At Burrito Beach, "Eating Smart" doesn't mean sacrificing great taste: we provide many flavorful options to fit your plan. Counting calories? Try a soft shell Grilled Veggie Taco with cheese, lettuce and tomato (170 calories per taco). Watching your fat intake? Choose a Cabo Shrimp Bowl without cheese and no sour cream (8 total fat grams). Don't want those extra carbs? Make it a Lo-Carb Beach Bowl (11 grams of carbohydrates). Build your meal from the choices below and watch how it fits into your plan.

If you still have questions or would like to know about allergen content, feel free to contact us.

Click the menu below to find your next entree's nutritional value!

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