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We would appreciate 24 hours notice, but will do our best to accommodate last-minute orders

Set Up

Plates, napkins and utensils are always included for every catering order. We even do the setup so you don't have to

Fiesta Taco or Nacho Bar

$10.99 Per Person (12 person minimum)

Burrito Beach will deliver and set up a "Make-Your-Own" Taco Bar right in your office or home.

Choose two:

Asada Chicken • Ground Beef • Baja Chicken • Grilled Vegetables • Sirloin Steak (+$1.99 per person)

Taco Bars include:

Soft Flour Tortillas • Michelada Red Rice • Fat-Free Black Beans • Sour Cream • Lettuce • Tomatoes • Shredded Jack Cheese • Housemade Salsa (mild, medium or hot)


ALL-INCLUSIVE PACKAGE $4.89 per person

Includes all add-on items

A-LA-CARTE (Priced per Person)

Housemade Guacamole $1.99

Homemade Chips $0.99

Grilled Vegetables $1.99

Corn Salsa $0.49

Mexican Slaw $0.49

Pickled Onions $0.49


Includes Taco Bar items with some Nacho modifications • $10.99 per person

Homemade Chips (no Taco Shells), Nacho Cheese, Pickled Jalapeños

Beach Platters & Beach Boxes


Choose an assortment of Burritos, Bowls or Quesadillas • $10.99 per person / 5 min

Includes: Homemade Chips · Housemade Salsa · Sour Cream


Individual entreé choices in box lunches • $12.49 per person / 5 min

Includes: Homemade Chips · Housemade Salsa · Fresh Baked Cookie

Choose From The Following:

Burritos, Bowls and Tacos

Michelada Red Rice, Fat-free Black Beans, Jack Cheese, Onion + Cilantro, Tomatoes, Lettuce

Asada Chicken

Baja Chicken

Buffalo Chicken (with blue cheese dressing)

Grilled Vegetables

Ground Beef

Sirloin Steak (+$1.99)

Beans + Rice

Goat Cheese + Black Bean (with grilled vegetables )

(tacos don't include rice and beans)


Jack Cheese

Asada Chicken

Cheddar Chicken (asada chicken & cheddar cheese)

Chicken + Jalapeño (asada chicken, jack cheese, and jalapeños)

Grilled Vegetables (with jack cheese)

Sirloin Steak +$1.99 (with jack cheese, onion + cilantro, tomatoes)

Fiesta Mexi Salad

$6.99 Per Person (10 person minimum)

Crisp Greens with Corn, Tomato, Green Onion, Cheddar, Fresh Avocado, Tortilla Chips


Chipotle Honey Mustard or Salsa Ranch

Sides & Drinks


$2.99 per person


SALSA + CHIPS $0.99 per person

Sunny Salsa • Salsa Verde • 3 Chili Salsa


$1.99 Per Person (10 person minimum)

Freshly baked cookies and brownie bites


$1.49 each

Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • Sierra Mist • Bottled Water


Breakfast Taco Bar

$7.99 Per Person (10 person minimum)

Choose Two:

Chorizo + Eggs Scramble

Ham + Eggs Scramble

Bacon + Scrambled Eggs

Grilled Vegetables + Scrambled Eggs

All breakfast Taco Bars Include:

Soft Flour Tortillas

Grilled Potatoes + Onions

Jack Cheese

Housemade Salsa (mild, medium, hot)

Breakfast Burrito Platter

$5.99 Per Person

Select From:

Egg + Chorizo

Egg + Bacon

Egg + Ham

Egg + Cheese

Egg + Grilled Vegetables

Miguel's Breakfast Burrito + $1.00


Housemade Salsa (mild, medium, hot)

Individual Breakfast Bags

$7.99 Per Person (5 person minimum)

Select From:

Egg + Chorizo Burrito or Tacos

Egg + Ham Burrito or Tacos

Egg + Grilled Vegetables Burrito or Tacos

Egg + Bacon Burrito or Tacos

Egg + Cheese Burrito or Tacos

Miguel's Breakfast Burrito + $1.00


Grilled Potatoes + Onions

Housemade Salsa (mild, medium, hot)

Breakfast Sides

Bacon $1.99/Serving

Grilled Potatoes + Onions $1.99/Serving

Breakfast Drinks

Serves 10-12

Intelligentsia Coffee $18.99

Orange Juice $18.99